ChatGPT integration allows you connect ChatGPT to your chatflow. You can connect it at any step of your chatflow. But in this example we will integrate a ChatGPT in the very beginning of our flow.

Let's create a new flow and add the "Before start new thread" trigger.

Then add some greating message and enable "Wait for reply" option.

Now, let's add Integration action and select the ChatGPT integration

Now you need to enter your ChatGPT API Key. To get one, you need to signup to the platform and then navigate to the API Keys page Then click the "Create new secret key" button, copy the API key, and insert it into integration settings. Optionally you can set the instructions for the ChatGPT. So you can train the bot how to answer the most common questions about your website or company etc... Those instructions it's just human-friendly text.

As a final step you need to connect your newly created flow to the live chat widget. Please follow this atricle to do that.

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