With triggers, you can run some actions based on user interactions with the chat widget.

There is a list of supported triggers:

  • First visit - this trigger fired if a customer visits your website for the first time

  • Second visit - the customer visited your website before

  • Chat window opened - customer opened the chat window

  • Chat window closed - customer closed the chat window

  • Window scroll - customer scrolled the chat window

  • Bot menu opened - customer opened the bot menu

  • Before start new thread - the thread is not started yet, or visitor ended the current thread

  • New thread started - visitor started new thread. New thread starts when visitor send a first message or command to the chat

  • Custom event - You can trigger it via JavaScript code (see instructions below)

Each trigger have additional options:

  • Run once per thread - if enabled, this trigger will run one time for a thread only.

  • Run only if thread is not started - if enabled, this trigger will run only if the thread is not started (no messages sent by the website visitor).

Custom Event trigger

You can fire a custom trigger any time you need. To do that, you need to run JavaScript code:


That code will run these flow steps:

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