Using Pabbly Connect

Pabbly Connect allows you to build custom automation workflows. So you can do some useful things by connecting your chatbot with Pabbly Connect.

Let's build some example chat flow.

This flow will simply send a message "New conversation started" on the "Before start new thread" event. Let's connect the Pabbly to the "Message" step.

First of all, you need to sign up to Pabbly Connect. Then create a new workflow in Pabbly Connect.

You can name it "Anychat workflow".

In the first step of the workflow select Webhook in the app selector:

Then Pabbly will generate a webhook URL:

Copy that URL to the clipboard and switch to the AnyChat flow. Double-click the "Message" step in your chatflow. In the "Actions" section turn on the option "Send data to URL", paste the copied URL into URL field, select the method, fill in some data if you need, and save the action.

Now you need to select the next step in the Pabbly workflow. Let's say you want to send an email once the "Message" step is reached in your chatflow. Let's do that via Gmail connection. In the app selector find the Gmail

Choose "Send Email" as "Action Event"

Click the "Connect" button and connect your Gmail account to Pabbly.

Now you need to fill in the email details fields like recipients, subject, and content of the email. Then save the step.

That's it! Now you can test your flow.

Connect your chatflow to a widget and place the widget on your website, then open your website page in the browser. Once the "Message" step is reached, you should receive an email from Pabbly.

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