Each widget represents a different button menu with its own settings, forms, menu items, prompt messages, etc...

You can use each widget for different sites or for different pages on one site.

To create a new widget, just click Add widget button at the right top corner (number 1 on the screenshot below) of the Settings / Widgets section or in the Widgets dropdown on the left top corner of the page of the AnyChat dashboard (number 2 on the screenshot below). Then you need to enter the name of the widget (can be whatever you want) and fill in the domains for which this widget should be used and save widget settings.

You can edit each widget settings later using the Widget settings button (number 3 on the screenshot).

Also, you can find each widget embed code by clicking the Widget script code button (number 4 on the screenshot).

If you don't need some widgets anymore, you can remove them using the Delete button (number 5 on the screenshot). Please note, that you can't delete the currently active widget (the widget selected in the widget's dropdown (number 2 on the screenshot)). To delete the active widget, you need to select another one before.

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