Channels are contact methods you want to display in the widget menu.

You can add as many contact channels as you want. Each item is customizable. You can set a custom title, subtitle, icon, online dot badge, action, etc...

Please note: you should have at least one menu item to display the multi-tool button on your site.

To create a new menu item, you should navigate to Settings / Channels and click the Add new channel at the right bottom corner of the page.



In the general section of the menu item dialog you can configure:

  • Title - the title text of the menu item.

  • Subtitle - the subtitle text of the menu item.

  • Action - the action you want to perform when the customer clicks the channel.

  • Custom JS code - you can perform custom JavaScript code on item click.

  • Open in same window - open a link in the same or a new window.


In this tab, you can customize the item's appearance.

  • Icon type - the type of the icon. Can be:

    • Built-in SVG

    • Uploaded image

  • Color - the color of the circle (if applicable).

  • Online badge - you can display online or offline dot badges near the item icon. Can be:

    • None - no badge.

    • Online - green dot badge.

    • Offline - red dot badge.

  • Include icon to slider - you can optionally remove the item icon from the slider inside the main button.


In this tab, you can configure the visibility options.

  • Device - you can display an item on any device or desktop only or mobile only.

  • Users - for which kind of users an item should be visible:

    • All users

    • Logged-in users only

    • Not logged-in users only

  • Display on pages & Hide on pages - allows you to display or hide items on particular pages of your site.

  • Always display this item - you can set a schedule using this option. If this option is enabled - the item will be always visible. If you disable this option you will see the scheduler that you can use to set the day and time when the item should be visible.

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