Prompt messages

Prompts are simple automated messages that attract customer attention. Prompts will displays automatically when the visitor visits your site.

There is how prompt messages are works:

By default you will have predefined prompt messages:

You can simply delete some of them, add new items, deactivate, or edit them.

Below the prompt messages table, you can see the prompt settings form that allows you to change the behavior of this feature.

Let's take a look at the options:

  • Position - the position of the prompt message bubble. Can be:

    • Above the button

    • Aside from the button

  • Delay first message - a time before showing first message typing.

  • Loop messages - infinite loop all messages.

  • Close last message - close the last message automatically. Applicable if Loop messages is off.

  • Typing time - a time while typing imitation is showing.

  • Message time - a time while the message is showing.

  • Show behavior - when to show a prompt message again if the prompt bubble is closed:

    • Next session - prompt messages will be shown again at the next browser session.

    • Page reload - prompt messages will be shown on each page reload.

    • Interval - prompt messages will be shown again after X minutes after the prompt bubble is closed.

Please note that the prompt bubble can be closed in a few ways:

  • By customer - when a customer closes it via the close button

  • If Close last message option is active and the last message appears.

  • When the main button menu is opened.

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